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Name:Kevin Paul Lawson
Birthdate:Nov 24
Location:New York, New York, United States of America
Kevin Paul Lawson is the son and only child born of the affair between Alexandra Petrova, a first generation Russian-American, and Martin Paul Lawson, the married CEO of a multimillion dollar business. The pair met when Alexandra was working as a member of a marketing team seeking to handle an ad campaign for Martin's company, and sparks flew immediately. After the first meeting, they had dinner together, and ended up in a hotel room. Martin's wife, very much the desperate housewife, had ended their sexual relationship after the birth of their daughter, Jasmine, or "Jazz", insisting that she not risk pregnancy again after what the first round had done to her figure. He found in Alexandra a spice for life and passionate lover, and the pair carried on a heated affair for years. But in those very early days, when Martin's daughter was only a few months old, things got a bit out of hand, and a few weeks later, Alexandra would find that she was pregnant with Martin's child.

Martin hardly wanted to shirk his duties as a father, especially considering that his feelings for his son's mother were very real, and, had it not been for the high-society expectations to which his marriage was held, he might have even left his wife for her. But there were certain rules that had to be followed, and while he remained married to his wife, his family all knew about his baby son, who would be named Kevin, and share his father's middle name.

While his family may have been aware of Kevin's existence, it wasn't common knowledge outside of that. Kevin grew up seeing his father on occasion, but more being raised by his mom, with whom he has a close relationship while his father showed him care in the only way he knew how: with money. He had a more than healthy trust fund, and his dad made sure that he had the best education, best toys, best clothes. Alexandra was well-off in her own right, quickly moving up the ranks in her marketing firm, and money was never an issue for Kevin. As he got older, his toys of choice began to change, and on his sixteenth birthday, he received his first car as a gift from both parents. Cars became a passion for him, and he learned how to work on his own, then expanded his knowledge, drinking it up with a thirst that surprised his parents when he had been a slightly-above-average student in school, but learned everything he could about this one thing.

Despite being raised in money, Kevin didn't grow up thinking he was owed anything. His mom had worked very hard to get where she was, and while his dad lavished him with money, he took it and enjoyed it, carrying with him the confidence of someone who never had money as a worry.

He grew up close to his sister, for which he is grateful, and the pair get along quite well. There's a part of him that's always been just a little jealous of Jazz's relationship with their father, but despite that, they very much love each other and try to spend time together whenever they can. Late into their teen years, they were joined by their older brother, Stephen, whom neither of them had known about up until that point, and while he wanted nothing to do with their dad, the three siblings forged quite a special bond.

Kevin is bisexual, and has never really questioned his sexuality. He started experimenting with sex in high school, having no problems finding partners of either gender, considering his looks and the fact that he played hockey and was one of the popular kids, and since then, he hasn't ever really stopped. He wouldn't call himself a manslut, and he doesn't really go out with the intentions of trawling. He just usually ends up meeting someone who catches his fancy, and having casual hookups. He really has no preference between men or women, being equally attracted to both genders, but he would one day like to settle down with someone regardless. He's not in a rush for that, though, and figures it will come when it comes.

In the meantime, he skipped college, and used the trust fund his father set up for his education to open up an auto repair shop just off the highway entering New York City. He's got a very profitable business going there, and employs several mechanics, but gets right in there doing the work with them, too. But all work and no play isn't something he ever plans to get into, and he spends most of his free time partying it up. He drinks hard, smokes more than he should, and dances the night away, but he never lets his business suffer. It's the one thing in life that's truly his, that he's built from the ground up, and he refuses to lose it.

Kevin is a loyal friend, and a surprisingly empathetic person, despite the common misconception that, because he's a rich kid, he's up himself. He hates to see anyone hurting, and would give the shirt right off his back to help someone out of a tight spot. He's been known on more than one occasion to do automotive work for absolutely free just to help someone out of a bind. And it's that side of him that hopes that the day will come sooner rather than later that he will find someone with whom he can share the life he's built... someone to share the good times and bad, and (though he'll never admit it out loud) someone to cuddle with at the end of the longest days.

[Kevin Lawson is a fictional character, and the product of the mun's imagination. Any writing for him is the original work of the mun. His face is Bobby Hicks, who belongs to himself.]
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