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Who: Blair Addison, Amarlie-Rose Satori and Justin Campbell
What: Incredible Opportunities
Where: Campbell Place, NYC
When: Sunday

Amarlie came back through to the living room with two mugs of coffee and handed the one with two sugars and cream to Blair, who had arrived at the apartment about twenty minutes ago, apparently here to interview Justin. Amarlie had been head down, butt up working on the collection for her friends that would appear in the next issue of FABULOUS. The photoshoot would take place the week before they all left for Australia for her mom and Mark’s wedding, so needless to say, the next few weeks of life were going to be hectic. Amarlie knew Blair wasn’t just some crazed fan who happened to have stumbled across Justin’s home. For one, security for the apartment block was top-notch. No one without authority would get through, which meant she would have been listed as a guest due to arrive at this time. She also had a letter from Justin’s management team with the scheduled meeting and absolutely no one on the face of the earth could forge Aiden’s elaborate signature. The only thing was, Justin wasn’t here and she wasn’t quite sure where he was. It wasn’t like him to be this late for a booking of any sort.

“I’m so sorry,” Amarlie said again as she took the seat nearby Blair with her own coffee, crossing her legs over because she was happy to keep her company until her AWOL brother showed up. “It’s really not like him to be late like this. I sent him a text but he hasn’t responded. I hope he’s okay…” That would always be a worry. Justin had been a little on the manic side the last couple of days, it was more just an anxious jumpiness than anything. He had gone to work for the matinee that day but he wasn’t doing the night show. She knew that because grandmother asked him what he wanted for dinner that night when he was packing up to leave for work with Ari, Dory in tow.

Blair smiled and shook her head... )

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Who: James Campbell and Kat Stewart
What: More heart-to-hearts
Where: James' place, NYC
When: After this

With a groan, Kat extracted herself from the tangle of James’ sheet and sat up on the side of his bed, burying her face in his hands. “Fuck, Jim! We weren’t supposed to do this again. I came here to talk. How the fuck are we supposed to sort anything out if we keep living in the past. All these years, I thought you might’ve stopped thinking with your di--”

“Hold that thought,” James cut her off, scrambling up out of the bed and making a desperate naked dash to his en-suite bathroom. Even if they ended up in another tryst not long after Kat arrived at his apartment, that hadn’t been his intention. Mostly, he had spent all afternoon stewing on it, overthinking it, trying to work out how he felt about it. He had assumed the headache he went home with had been a result of that. He went to the grocery store to pick up a few things for dinner, but nothing had seemed appealing to him so he got a few essentials and decided to get takeout delivered if they were hungry. Maybe sex was just easier for him in essence. It hadn’t been a factor in recent years because he had been married and they had two small kids that sucked up time and focus. It had almost been like his old ways had evaporated, but maybe they just went dormant instead. Or maybe it was just easier to fall back into the old go-to routine with Kat rather than facing the demons of their past head-on. As soon as she arrived, they were tearing each other’s clothes off and stumbled through to his bedroom in a tangled embrace.

But he hadn’t lasted long. At all. It had been shamefully quick, if he was honest with himself... )

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Who: Kyan Wilson and Reecy Chester plus a tribe of their favourite people in the world
What: Partners in Crime
Where: Picnic at the park
When: Saturday

Reecy had her camera out and was attaching one of the lenses to it when Kyan came up to to cuddle her from behind, arms easily looping around her slender waist. He nuzzled her cheek and sought out her lips to give her a kiss. “You picked a gorgeous day for a party, sweetie,” he told her, grinning. The weather was on their side. Even if there was a Fall chill in the air, it was still clear and pleasant. Fuck, did he love how she just fit in his arms. The height difference turned him on and so did her fashion sense. There wasn’t a single item of clothing she wore that he didn’t think she was absolutely gorgeous in. She had a trendy style, and now since she had come on board as Baby in Dirty Dancing, she had an enthusiastic fanbase who were emulating her fashion choices from her hair and makeup, right down to her shoes. He was proud of her. She took to this fame thing like a duck to water, way more than he ever did. Hell, he was still trying to figure it all out.

It was Walker’s birthday and Reecy had planned a family picnic a good few weeks ago now. Family was important. You had to champion time for them whenever you could, no matter how busy work got. ‘Family’ looked so much different these days too. For Kyan, he and Trey had been it for awhile. When he came to New York, he had been grieving deeply and the only way he felt he could keep his head above water was moving to be near Trey. Scoring the Footloose understudy job had been sheer dumb luck, born of desperately needing cash to pay the ridiculous New York rent. He hadn’t even wanted to get work in the entertainment industry, but the audition call was out and had dancing skills. It was the beginning of the biggest wrong period of his life. Ultimately, it was where he met Reecy and he couldn’t have known back then they would one day be here, in a relationship, in love, at the precipice of potentially taking some huge steps towards commitment. It was both scary and exciting, in a confusing mix he was unfamiliar with and blindly feeling his way through. He was trusting his gut instinct a lot, just like his mom had guided him since he was a young boy. He encouraged them both, told them they could be anything they wanted, but if it didn’t feel right, it usually wasn’t. That’s how he knew things with Autumn were just over. Everything changed with them, and it stopped feeling right. It stopped making him happy. All he wanted was a stab at happy, after all the pain he had gone through saying goodbye to his mom forever. There wasn’t a day that went by that he didn’t wish she could be here sharing th is family stuff with them. It still hurt. He wasn’t sure it would ever stop.

And so, with the family now a unique construction of however they wanted and needed it to be, the family picnic was extended from Reecy, Kyan, Walker, Sawyer, Fin, and Shannon to include Trey, Brendan, Zeke, and Jett... )

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Who: Kat Stewart and James Campbell
What: Overdue Reunions
Where: FBI HQ, NYC
When: Friday

This was one of the hardest moments of Kat’s life. She hated that she couldn’t Google an instruction manual for it. She also hated that it was something her level of intelligence couldn’t support her with. She could be Einstein levels of intelligent and still not know how the fuck to best navigate this. She had driven herself fucking nuts for months talking herself out of it, and then even more months of her life trying to talk herself back into it. Damn Parker for stumbling upon the truth, and damn him for telling her. He didn’t have to tell her. He was a pain in the ass little brother whose job it was to be a pain in the ass, so of course he told her. Only, it wasn’t Parker’s fault. At all. He was just an easy scapegoat to cockblock overdosing on her own complicated and overwhelming emotions.

It felt surreal to get off the plane at JFK Airport, to get in one of those New York cabs and watch those familiar streets stretching a view around her. She never felt very far from a panic attack, and that was before she even got to the hardest part of all this. She didn’t get off the plane and go straight there. She checked into a hotel and gave herself a few days to find her feet, to process the enormity of all this. She had plans to meet up with Parker as soon as he was back in town. He had something he really needed to talk to her about, but he had a press trip to Colorado Springs where the Olympic Committee was based that had been scheduled before she told him she was coming back to New York. Parker’s schedule was one of those that had little wiggle room, but at least he was based in New York now, so hopefully it meant they would finally get plenty of brotherly-sisterly quality time. They had a lot to make up for and most of that was definitely her fault. The residual was the fact her baby brother was an Olympic Gold Medallist. She was so freaking proud of him for that. She had no doubt he would take gold again next year in South Korea.

Arriving at too-familiar building on the busy New York street, Kat was pretty convinced for a good ten minutes that she was going to puke from nerves... )

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Who: Sasha Stanford and Justin Campbell
What: Home from Paris
Where: Casa de Campbell, NYC
When: After this

“Are you turning into a Best Manzilla, baby?” Sasha murmured from where he was curled up in bed, covers pulled right up to his chin. Justin was sitting by the window on the long comfy window seat they had installed their when they were renovating their new bedroom in the attached apartment. Their room was huge, having been the master suite of the original apartment and they had their own en-suite bathroom. Not only did they have the window seat, but also a lounge suite with bookshelves behind it because Sasha loved reading, a long desk they could both sit comfortably at and have room to spread schoolwork around, and a large walk-in robe attached. They spent a lot of time alone in their room because it was a little peaceful haven for them.

He had no idea how long he had been asleep for, but the sight of Justin sitting there by the window with the wedding folder in his lap, chewing on the end of a pen as he stared out the window at the views of the New York skyline was what his eyes were met with when he opened them. The wedding was only four weeks away and true to Justin’s parents’ promise, no one had destroyed the special experience for him this time. He was taking his job as his dad’s Best Man seriously, and he had his finger on the pulse of what was going on. At the same time, though, Sasha was pretty sure Justin’s amped up stressing over some of the details could be that he was worrying, waiting for an axe to fall that he probably felt was inevitable. Justin was wearing his sassy Pride pyjamas and Sasha appreciated the view. His butt always looked hot in them.

Justin looked over at Sasha’s voice, smiling. He put the folder aside and clipped the pen to the front of it so he could go over to the bed... )

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I think it really is possible to sprain your cock jerking off. Miss you, mon époux.

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We're back and I'm not dead. Damn, you all are CRAY with the texting. I love you for it, but please don't blow my phone up.
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Who: Mark and Justin Campbell
What: Catching Up
Where: Casa de Campbell
When: Post Paris trip

Justin had been home all of half an hour, but now he was coming through to his dad’s bedroom with a giant folder and climbing into the bed beside him with it. “No one puked themselves to death on the trip home,” he declared, giving his dad a big hug and kissing his cheek. The hug lingered, because whenever he was away without his dad, he missed him like crazy. They were a team now. There was rarely anything Justin did these days without his dad’s input, knowledge or awareness. And more so with his mom too, now things were getting back on board. “Came close, but no one dropped dead.”

Mark was smiling when Justin came in. It was great to see him, even if it had only been days he had been gone. He always missed his kids when they weren’t around. This time, even if Gen, Justin, Sasha and Amarlie had all gone, Dory stayed back to take care of Mark. Of course, his parents were there too but nothing quite matched having your kid around. Mark had been okay, all things considered. His legs and his mobility hadn’t been so strong but he was used to that now. He tired out easily and needed a lot of rest, especially when he tried to push it and keep up some hours at the office. He tried to be smart about it, though. He knew he needed to be as well as possible in the event that Justin wasn’t. With Sasha’s allergic reaction, there had been a chance Justin wouldn’t cope, but apparently he had done really well. Mark was proud of him. But he was proud of him regardless. Justin looked exhausted. His hair was a mess, likely from trying to sleep in the plane and wearing a bandana or a hoodie so he didn’t get recognised at the airports. He was still in comfortable clothes for flying, but Mark had no idea what the folder was. “What are you doing here, kiddo? You look like you need to sleep for a year. How’s Sash? Who was sick?” He tried to flip the folder open, but Justin nudged his hand away. “What have you got there?”

“I will totally sleep for a year when my meds kick in. My brain’s all fucked up with jetlag. I need the melatonin to work so I don’t end up having an episode. I was sick, Sash just laid there feeling like he had been hit by a truck rubbing my back. It was just… weird flying back with Will.” Justin’s nose scrunched up a little when he fanned his fingers through the pages of the folder. He was doing his best with the situation but it was a learning curve for him to be happily there in his current relationship whilst having his ex back on the scene. There were no hard feelings, it was just surreal and unusual. He didn’t have a precedent to work with on it to know how to feel, so it was just a matter of feeling it as he went. “Sash crashed out as soon as he got into bed. I had to take his shoes and jeans off. He fell asleep in his clothes. He’s so wiped out, Dad. Fuck, it was horrible. I told Andi she can stop testing me out on the caring for him front any day now. Twice in as many weeks if more than my nerves can handle. Sash was just like ‘She so would do that too, you know’. Don’t I know it? This is the wedding folder. Only four weeks left. I need to make sure all the shit’s in order. Bachelor Party,” he added, shooting his dad a smirk.

“His body’s been through the wringer. Just like yours had with the other shit. You know how he feels. Better us to know now than not know and he end up having a serious reaction down the track and not knowing what it is. You’ve got him booked in for follow-up with Walker over the next few days to make sure he’s going to be okay. You can make sure he has the epi-pens. None of us are big seafood fans around here anyway. There’ll definitely be no snails on the menu in the Campbell pad. I know it’s hard having Will back on the scene, son. You’re doing really well with it. It was never going to be easy to face but no one is being an arsehole about it. You’d have every reason to be. Luke and I had a good long, hard talk before he even entertained the idea of Will coming back to New York. He didn’t want it to cause you unnecessary grief or pain. But I told him you were a pretty incredible kid and I knew you’d deal with it in the best way you could. I also knew you and Sash were strong enough to face it. It wasn’t going to shake your foundations or anything. It’s a part of your life you never got closure for as much as you desperately needed it, so I knew ultimately it would be more therapeutic than anything else. You just need the time to process it and take it one step at a time. Which isn’t easy, I know. Was Sash okay with Will be there?” Mark could see now the folder had a lot of wedding stuff in it as Justin fanned the pages with his fingers. It wasn’t a manic fiddling, Justin was just handsy. Always had been. “Four weeks? Jesus Fucking Christ. My body needs to get its shit together. At least it’s not me that needs to walk down the aisle. What’s left that we need to do? Bachelor Party? Oh, I dunno, kiddo. I don’t think anyone’s really up for it. Not that it’ll be any sort of booze-soaked fuckfest. But still, with Aussies involved, it wouldn’t be… innocent.”

Justin nodded and heaved a heavy sigh when it hit him how relieved he was to be back home now... )


"Love is in the air."

13/10/17 14:38
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Who: Sawyer Bennett and Walker Chester
What: Big Family News
Where: Bennett-Chester home
When: After this

After Kyan left, Walker made his way to Fin’s bedroom to check on how he was doing. He found Sawyer sitting on the side of Fin’s bed, rubbing Fin’s back. Fin was lying with his back to the door, a beanie on his head and likely pulled down over his eyes. Whenever he had an attack of the Meniere’s, he had sensory overload until the inner ear rebalanced and he felt better. In the meantime, it was difficult for him as a teenager. He couldn’t stand or walk when it was at its worst, he couldn’t even sit without feeling dizzy and sick. It had led to Sawyer investing in a baby monitor, much to Fin’s horror. It had been the only way that Fin could ask for help straight away in the bigger place, and whether it was Sawyer, Walker, Shannon, or Reecy with him, they could have the other part anywhere in the house with them. It was necessary because when he was ill enough, Fin needed help to the bathroom and everything. Historically, though, the longest episode he had lasted around two weeks. Mostly, it was just a few days.

“How’s he doing?” Walker asked softly, noticing Sawyer had already armed himself with supplies he might need. A bucket, a towel, a face cloth, a bottle of Gatorade, a couple of bottles of water, an extra blanket if he got cold. “Poor kiddo. That one hit pretty suddenly. I thought he might’ve just been coming down with that bug making the rounds of the schools at the moment. It’s taking whole families down at my practice.”

Sawyer held his cell phone up... )



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